Try Again!

It's so simple, and so right!

The Essentials that Bond US:
The Unbound Ignorance
Gideon Samid

The Bible -- The Ancient Book of 'Try Again!'

It is never so dark, so hopeless to not try again
It is never so shiny, so perfect to not try again

Every time you try again, you try differently
because the world has moved on in between

Every time you try again, you did not waste your time, you played your odds.

Life is a series of trying again.

If you don't want to try again what you have just tried
then try again, what you have tried before that.

If you are too weak to try again, then try again something you are strong enough to try.

if you can't decide what to try again,
try again to decide.

When you collapse under the pull of the embryonic gravity
try again to climb out of it,
or try again to lift yourself a bit above it.

To live, is to try again,
To try again is to live

If all this does not make sense to you
then try again!

The wisdom of east and west,
united, encapsulated, compressed, and sharpened comes to this:
try again!

Solutions evolve through trying again.

What and how to try again is the question you should try again to answer.