The Bible -- The Ancient Book of 'Try Again!'

Any more specific summary is controversial, Any less specific -- useless.

Try Again reflects the human reality of moving forward equipped with only the insight of the road before. In hindsight we always see a better path we could have taken. But we don't enjoy a hindsight over the future.

Try Again reflects our innate belief that the future holds the answers to all our outstanding questions, and also the answers to all the questions we are not yet smart enough to ask. It also says that all the claims for the right answers to our most profound questions are all open for review as the future unfolds.

Try Again is the sober thought of hope and action, not contaminated with false premises and irrational beliefs.

Try Again, once adopted, leads to the question: what is important enough that if I tried it and failed, I should nevertheless tryagain? Identifying these important things to try, is the beginning of a rational life plan. Rationality, in turn, prevents our emotional self from going overboard. Rationality is the language that is common to all of us.

This website is trying to introduce this non-controversial, no-nonsense human disposition, and run forward with it. If I fail, I will try again! Will you try with me?

I am Gideon, and I try again! who are you? If you write to me in earnest, I will respond, and publish your words. Think about it, this is a conversation that everyone, and anyone can join. If what we both try to do fits into a larger goal, than lets talk and cross-energize each other to try and try again. If what you try to do is quite distant from what I am trying then this premise of trying and trying again is our common ground, let's converse! And the beauty of this is that if it turns out that what you are trying to do is profoundly disagreeable to me, and what I try is likewise to you, then, still, the title premise is where we do agree: we both try, and try again -- so we have something in common after all. Let's start there, we may find things to try that are not mutually disagreeable, and if we fail, we Try Again! How about that?